Navratri and 9 different sarees

Vijayalakshmi Ganesh
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Navratri marks the beginning of the season of festivals that will soon ensue. It is not just 9 days of glorious festivities but also a time to flaunt our wardrobe. But most importantly it is also the time when there are new thari i.e new weave and fresh collection of kanchipuram silk sarees that come in for the oncoming festival season!
Given the plethora of designs available today, there are so many options to pick and choose from. But we also urge to stop and consider Handlooms. Each saree is a work of art considering the design work that goes into it. Handloom sarees are a lot of work, to be able to bring out these particularly intricate designs on hand weave is definitely worth buying, cherishing and owning.
As a part of Navratri, we are sharing with you 9 favourites from our fresh collection this season, a collection that must be a part of your wardrobe, a collection of the most unique designs, a collection that is hand woven with love!

Threadwork Sarees

Want a grand looking saree but not too much zari? Threadwork sarees are the most obvious choice for you! These sarees have a lot of detail and intricate work in them. The multi-colour weaves bring out the grandeur that the saree is, plus they are also lightweight and easy to handle/carry during Navratri.

Shop for Silk Threadwork Sarees here

Jacquard Sarees

If threadwork sarees are too much detail, then Jacquards are the way to go! The design is like that of an embossing in an almost similar shade to the body of the saree bringing a certain nuance to it!

Threadwork or Jacquard, we say it’s the perfect choice for you ladies who prefer more detail to Zari.

Shop for Jacquard Sarees here

Borderless Sarees

A classy look, that can be worn for any occasion - Borderless is your go-to saree! Borderless sarees come with minimal zari work on the body. These are also the perfect choice for those of you who prefer less zari but bring a grand look! Borderless Sarees are definite head-turners at any event during Navratri!

Shop for Borderless Sarees here

Silver Zari Sarees

Silver Zaris are the most sought-after and in-trend sarees today. Silver Zari sarees are a unique collection that stands out in a crowd. Silver Zari sarees are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. They are elegant looking and grand. Pairing these sarees with a contrast brocade or tissue blouse will bring out the elegance in you this Navratri.

Shop for Silver Zari Sarees here

Temple Border Sarees

Temple borders are an age-old classic. They bring a traditional twist to any saree. Most of our Temple border sarees are Korvai borders. Temple borders add elegance to even a plain body saree, a perfect choice for those of you who prefer light traditional yet trendy wear. Our temple border collections also have non-zari silk sarees which are great for work wear during Navratri.

Shop for Temple Border Sarees here

Half and Half Sarees

Coming back to trendy wear, Half and Half sarees add a contemporary elegance to your wardrobe. Perfect for work wear, or any social gathering Half and Halves are definitely the right pick for a modern look. While popular belief is that Half and Half sarees only suit tall women, we say, no matter the height, give it a try - You may add your unique twist to it!

Shop for Half and Half Sarees here

Mubbagam Sarees

Mubbagams are sarees that are in 3 equal parts in 3 different colours. Another age-old classic, mubbagams add beauty to any occasion. Mubbagams are traditional in design, mostly with annams, chakrams and rudraksham motifs or borders.

Tall Border Sarees

Like Half and Half sarees, Tall borders are a modern addition to your wardrobe. Again, popular to contrary belief, tall borders are not just for tall women. Wear one and add your own touch to it this Navratri!

Shop for similar sarees here

Ganga Jamuna Border Sarees

How are Ganga Jamuna's different from Mubbagams? Ganga Jamuna sarees have different colour borders on either side of the saree whereas mubbagams the border forms a part of the saree. Ganga Jamuna saree come as normal size of large size borders and in different colour combinations. The colour combinations are different and not easily available.

Shop for Ganga Jamuna Border Sarees here

No matter the pick, we think each and every saree listed out here is an addition your wardrobe needs. And each every silk saree from Pajavranam is a piece of tradition you will own!

Do you own a Panjavarnam Silk Saree? Share your Navratri look with us.


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