Auspicious Aadi

Auspicious Aadi

Vijayalakshmi Ganesh
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Aadi, the fourth month in the Tamil Calendar is the most auspicious month. It generally falls between mid-July to mid-August. The month of Aadi marks the beginning of the festival season that extends up to December. 

The month of Aadi is auspicious for many reasons. It marks the beginning of the night of Devas. It is the month when Aandal was born. But most importantly it is the month where Goddess Shakthi is celebrated and her power is at its peak. Because of the spiritual power this month posses, people avoid new beginnings and consider it inauspicious, especially for newly married couples.

But the month of aadi does have a few very important festivities. Apart from the discounted saree sales that is. It is believed that Goddess Shakthi is worshipped in different forms to get her blessings for wealth and happiness. Aadi pirappu, Aadi Velli (Friday), Aadi Chevvai (Tuesday), Aadi Amavasai, Aadi Pooram, Aadi Karthigai and Varalakshmi Nonbu are the festivities that happen through the month. But the most auspicious of them all is Aadi Velli.

 What is most special about Aadi velli? The month of Aadi has 5 Fridays. Every Friday celebrates one divine form of Goddess Shakti. The first Friday is dedicated to Goddess Swarnambika, the goddess of wealth, a form of Goddess Parvati. The second Friday is dedicated to Goddess Angala Amman a form of Goddess Kali. Praying to Angala Amman grants you “Siddhi”, extraordinary intelligence in common parlance. The third Friday is dedicated to Kalikambal, another form of Goddess Parvati, who bestows courage and health. The fourth Friday is for Kamakshi Amman, another form of Goddess Shakti. Offering prayers to Kalikambal will remove obstacles and bestow one courage and good health. The last and most important Friday is celebrated for Goddess Varalakshmi. This is a special day for all women. Women fast all day on Varalakshmi Vrutham and perform pooja to invoke her blessings for her, her marriage and family. 

Aadi is when spirituality is at its peak and the (spiritual) power of women at its highest. Worshipping goddesses this month is believed to bring good health, prosperity, courage, intelligence and wealth. The third Aadi Velli is supposed to be the most auspicious as it mostly precedes Varalakshmi Nonbu. 

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