Panjavarnam SmartSaver

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Panjavarnam SmartSaver ?

The Panjavarnam SmartSaver scheme is designed to enable smart shoppers like you to benefit by planning for a purchase. You save for a purchase that is coming in the future by starting early and depositing a small amount every month to build a corpus. The corpus can be used to purchase any sari from Panjavarnam after the completion of the deposit period.

  1. How do I benefit by being a Panjavarnam SmartSaver?

By enrolling in the scheme, you save in small amounts to enable a big purchase of a dream silk saree. It enables you to accumulate a corpus amount which can be used to pay for your sari, and if you save for a year, Panjavarnam will give add 10% to your corpus as a loyalty addition. This is illustrated in the table below –

Panjavarnam Smart Saver
Monthly Deposit ( Rs) Corpus @ 12 moths (Rs) Loyalty Addition (Rs) Total Value (Rs)
500 6000 600 6600
1000 12000 1200 13200
2000 24000 2400 26400
3000 36000 3600 39600
4000 48000 4800 52800
  1. Can I take a break in monthly payments?

Yes you can take a break anytime. You will need to give a written request to

  1. Can I withdraw before the completion of my deposit tenure?

Yes you can withdraw anytime after 3 months of payment. At the time of premature withdrawal, processing fees of 5% will be deducted from your accumulated balance.

  1. How do I enroll and make monthly payments?

You can enroll by selecting the SmartSaver plan that suits your requirement by clicking the  button below and making the first deposit of your choice (minimum of Rs 500). 


Enroll for SmartSaver -> 


 You will be contacted by Panjavarnam staff after your first payment and based on your chosen plan, a payment link will be sent to you on your preferred date of the month for subsequent payments. The link will be sent by sms and email, and you can make your monthly payment using any Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallet or UPI.

  1. Can I pay in foreign currency?

Yes you can. Your subscription will be payable only using international credit card if you choose to pay in USD. Your subscription terms will be at prevailing exchange rates and will be set monthly by Panjavarnam. The deposit amount will be in INR after conversion at the exchange rate when deposit is made. The loyalty additions will be in INR as well.