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Her splendorous golden complexion steals the pride of a golden lotus flower anointed with a tinge of red kumkum (vermillion)

-Sri Radhikashtakam, Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami

What started off as a journey into re-weaving an exact replica of my grandmother’s saree, set the path to Panjavarnam.

For many of us, a saree from Kanchivaram is an heirloom, an heritage passed down to generations. The rare colour combinations, the intricate zari weave into the saree, the korvai border and the plethora of colours… a Kanchivaram Silk Saree from your grandmother or your mother is a legacy to own. It was not only the weave that depicted a story, but also the saree and the journey the saree went on - Marriage, Birth of your child, Pattu thuli for your child, the child’s dream of draping your saree to soon owning her own, her wedding to you becoming a Grandmother. To me, that is what a Kanchivaram Saree is - an heirloom to own, cherish and wear.

With the resources today, what was once not so easily available has become easily accessible to one and all. There are so many varieties of silk sarees available in the market today, but there is this search for that ONE unique traditional Kanchivaram like your mother’s or grandmothers.

Panjavarnam began as a result of wanting to bring back age old traditional designs in rare colour combinations that are not so easily available from the best artisans and weavers of Kanchivaram. Panjavaranam, true to its name has a curation of Silks in a gamut of colours from artisans and weavers for generations, who know the technique and trade and most importantly the meaning of owning a saree. All this at affordable prices and from the comforts of your home!

We at Panjavaranam wish you to own a saree that not only highlights our rich culture and tradition but is also something that you can cherish for generations as a heirloom.

Have a look at our collection here. Want to have a closer look? Book an appointment by calling us on +91 98407 58137 or drop in to our Experience Studio in Chennai at 8/2,  Karpagambal Nagar Main Road, Mylapore, or just mail us at marketing@panjavarnam.com. We will be happy to host you in Chennai and walk you through our collection.