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Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees are handpainted saris using organic vegetable dyes. The fabric of this saree is mulberry silk which... Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees are handpainted saris using organic vegetable dyes. The fabric of this saree is mulberry silk which is light in weight and has a good fall. The kalamkari bangalore silk saree is ideally suited for daily wear for office and casual occassions like parties and outings. Kalamkari Bangalore silk sarees enchant you with their beauty and grace, with an unforgettable combination of our traditional culture and modern flair. The visual appeal of the saree is a result of the play of earthy colours kalamkari and the fabric's soft, light silk texture. Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees are a celebration of the art form of Kalamkari hand painting and a relatively new aesthetic. Choose from a wide selection of sarees in our collection-  Read More

All you need to know about Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees

History of Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees

Kalamkari's Origin: The art of Kalamkari can be found in Andhra Pradesh, South India, and it belongs to the ancient 3000 years ago. 

Bangalore Silk: Pure mulberry silk has its tradition of being used to weaving silk sarees, which in Bangalore silk is in a simple two ply weave for both weft and warp. 

This blending of Kalamkari's hand-painted or block-printed patterns with the richness of Bangalore silk makes it a new and unique creation. 


Explore the ancient tradition of Kalamkari in our exquisite Bangalore silk Sarees. 

 Luxurious Fabric: Our Kalamkari Bangalore silk is famous for its silken quality, shine and durability. It is ideal because of the way it complements the elaborate Kalamkari art. Skilled Weavers: The base fabric material is interwoven with decades of experience to create the Kalamkari Bangalore Silk fabric. The weavers carefully work each silk thread into the looms, ensuring a durable, organic look. Harmony of Art and Fabric: These intricate Kalamkari signs are then effectively applied onto the Kalamkari Bangalore Silk fabric. The design promotes that colour and drape. Uniqueness: The saree is the handcrafted nature of the Kalamkari artwork and the Bangalore silk base that makes each saree special. 

Styling Tips For Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees

Complementary Accessories That boost the beauty of Kalamkari Bangalore Silk Sarees 


Balance is key: Choose delicate and elegant jewellery.  

Metallics: Wearing a Kalamkari saree with gold or silver jewellery can highlight the beauty of the saree. 

Temple Jewellery: The traditional South Indian temple jewellery, with its elaborate designs and precious stones, makes a fit for the cultural heritage of the saree. 

Pearl Elegance: A pearl is an excellent choice for those seeking a classic or elegant look, especially for formal events. 

Semi-precious stones: Choose stones that will match the saree's colour scheme. Use colours that complement the richness of the Kalamkari artwork. 



Solid colours: A gorgeous blouse in a single colour that emphasizes a shade from a Kalamkari artwork elevates the whole ensemble. Settle with neutral/muted tones or black to keep the attention on the uniqueness of the saree. 

Contrasting fabrics: For a powerful effect use a blouse fabric that contrasts like brocade or raw silk. 

Embellishments: Keep the blouse a little embellished, but not too much. The art of embroidery may contribute subtle elements of elegance. 


Hairstyle and Makeup: 

Hairstyle: Pick a hairstyle that will reinforce your neckline and will be in harmony with the saree. A bun, a braid, or a slick ponytail can also be elegant choices. 

Makeup: Keep your makeup simple, with the accent features underlining. Give the saree the leading role. 

Additional Accessories: 

Bindi: A little bindi matches the colours of the saree and provides the traditional tone. 

Footwear: Pick heels or sandals in neutral shades like gold, silver, or beige that can complement your height. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kalamkari Bangalore silk sarees unique?  

Kalamkari Bangalore silk sarees combine the artistic beauty of Kalamkari hand-painted or block-printed designs with the luxurious drape and durability of Bangalore silk. This unique blend creates a masterpiece you can wear, where each saree holds a touch of individuality due to the handcrafted artwork.  


What are the benefits of Bangalore Kalamkari silk sarees?  

Bangalore silk is known for its lustrous sheen, smooth texture, and breathability. This makes it an ideal canvas for Kalamkari artwork, allowing the vibrant colours to shine while offering year-round comfort compared to regular silk sarees.  

 How should I care for my Kalamkari Bangalore silk saree?  

Dry cleaning is preferred to preserve the delicate artwork and vibrant colours. Gentle handwashing with a mild detergent in cool water is also possible. Always dry the saree in the shade and store it in a cool, dry place with proper airflow.  

 What kind of blouse complements a Kalamkari Bangalore silk saree?  

Solid-coloured blouses in shades that complement the saree's artwork create an elegant look. You can make a bold statement by choosing contrasting fabrics, such as brocade or raw silk. Keep embellishments on the blouse minimal to avoid overpowering the saree's artistry.  

 What kind of jewellery should I wear with a Kalamkari Bangalore silk saree?  

Delicate and elegant jewellery works best. Consider gold, silver, temple jewellery, pearls, or semi-precious stones that match the saree's colour scheme.  

 What hairstyles and makeup are suitable for wearing a Kalamkari Bangalore silk saree?  

Hairstyles such as buns, braids, or sleek ponytails complement the neckline of a saree, creating a sophisticated look. Keep your makeup simple and elegant, allowing the saree to be the focal point.  

 What are some occasions suitable for wearing a Kalamkari Bangalore silk saree?  

These sarees are versatile and perfect for various occasions, both formal and casual.  

They are ideal for weddings, receptions, cultural gatherings, religious ceremonies, work presentations, evening dinners, and even summer events due to the breathable Bangalore silk.  

 How can I buy Kalamkari Bangalore silk sarees online from Panjavarnam?  

Browse Panjavarnam's website, choose and review the product details of your favourite Kalamkari Bangalore silk sarees, and click "Buy It Now" to purchase online.  You can request a video of the saree on whatsapp +91 9840758137 or fix a video appointment to view the saree before purchase.


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