Arai Maadam Motif in Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Arai Maadam Motif in Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Vijayalakshmi Ganesh
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Arai maadam motif in kanchipuram Silk sarees is one such motif that represents the meaning of relationships. It is a weave that appears to be uniform in front and reverse, that represents the equality of a husband and wife. We love it when the weaves truly add meaning to who you are and what you stand for and we thought, why not pick another motif that represents a way of life. And what with the wedding season coming back, why not talk about another motif that represents relationships. 

Panjavarnam’s Know Your Motif series is to help make your life easier. Every week, we give you names about the most traditional motifs used by the weavers of Kanjivaram to give the saree that extra twitch. And this week we have the Arai Maadam motif in kanchipuram silk sarees for you.

For all you connoisseurs of Kanjivaram silks, we are sure you are pretty sure you are familiar with the design. The Arai Maadam motif in kanchipuram silk sarees is most commonly found on a traditional Nine Yard Saree. For the uninitiated, the arai maadam design looks like a half diamond. Most commonly found only on borders of sarees, now contemporary sarees with a classical twist come with the arai maadam motif in the kanchipuram silk saree body.


Traditional Kanjivarams come with the most classical motifs like the annapakshi, yazhi, rudraksh, and the chakram. The arai maadam is special to the nine yards. The weave looks like a half diamond and the pattern looks uniform in front and reverse. This design is special, especially for married women who wear madisar with arai maadam design as it represents the equality of husband and wife.

To give classical Kanjivarams a contemporary twist and to bring back traditional motifs, arai maadams are now added to the body of a saree and to borders of 6 yards. Panjavarnam’s curated handwoven silk sarees brings to you one of a kind pieces of traditional motifs. Have a look at our elegant classics with a contemporary twist.

Special Occasions can only mean one thing for us women - shopping! Remember going shop to shop searching for that perfect saree? Sometimes even going to Kanjivaram as well?

With the variety of designs and colours available, there is still the search for that perfect saree. We are always looking for the perfect red, the light blue with orange or the butties with checks. It is exhausting, but it gets easier when you know the right words.



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