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Traditional designs of yore, recreated in our kanchipuram silks, handwoven in pure mulberry silk and pure zari in unique colour... Traditional designs of yore, recreated in our kanchipuram silks, handwoven in pure mulberry silk and pure zari in unique colour combinations. Explore mubbagams, veldharis, kattams, korvai borders, rettai pettu borders, annapakshi motifs, yazhi motifs, garuda berunda motifs, dainty paisleys and a plethora of traditional designs preserved over centuries by our master weavers. These stunningly elegant sarees exude not just beauty, but also a high level of functionality and effectiveness. Some of them have been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter as a symbolic treasure that holds precious memories. Mythology, history, royalty and handcrafted tradition all are symbolized by Kanchipuram sarees   Read More

All You Need To Know About Kanchipuram / Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Traditional Designs

History of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Traditional Designs


According to a story, silkworm eggs and mulberry cuttings were brought to India by Buddhist monks in the fourth century AD. However, another story claims that a Chinese princess married an Indian king and concealed silkworm eggs in her hairdo. Zari designs on Kanchipuram sarees are very famous. It leaves you in disbelief at the elegant of amazing zari thread-silk combination which has been poured down for years by Kanchipuram weavers into stunningly beautiful designs glittering before your eyes. Most of the designs in traditional kanchipuram silk sarees are inspired by mythology and by temple architecture in kanchipuram town, using animal and bird motifs, creepers and floral motifs, mythological animals or geometric patterns. Examples of animals include elephants, deer, lion, peacock and parrots while mythological animals include the yazhi, gandaberunda and annapakshi. Most geometric patterns are inspired by temple jewellery like the vanki, araimaadam, neli, veldhari etc.

Styling Tips For Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Medium Border


Ideal Occasions for Draping the Kanchipuram Traditional Design Silk Sarees    

Weddings: A Traditional Design Kanchipuram Silk Sarees will always be the best choice for its shine among all wedding wear. Along with this, we will add high-end fabrics and eye-catching collections that should make it stand out from the crowd and make your day truly special.   

Accessorize wisely: The temple jewelry must be made of gold, and it will be decorated with gems of pearls, emeralds, and rubies. Long necklaces (haram), heavy earrings (jhumkas), ornate headbands (maang tikka), and waist belts (kamarband) are some of the most worn accessories in a woman’s outfit.   

Charming Blouse: A blouse with the right print can show yourself in the right light. Use color contrasts by making use of ruffles and voluminous sleeves or go with a modern-day neckline to get an elegant, contemporary feel.   

Hair Updos: Consider the number of styles you can wear, like an elaborate bridal bun with floral jewelry. Another beautiful braid with jasmine vajras or a high bun topped with flowers.   


Be a part of the festivals by wearing a Traditional Design kanjivaram silk sarees 

And yes, some of these celebrations for Diwali, Navratri, and Durga Puja are not complete without the traditional wear for that puja or occasion.   


A Festival of Tradition: Festivals are a means to sprinkle happiness and pass down culture. Besides that, being a piece of clothing, the Kanchipuram silk saree is also a form of celebration.   

Neckline Styles: A high-neck blouse adds a much-needed modern touch to your Kanchipuram saree. It works without distinction for both printed and plain sarees.   

Outstanding Picks: While buying your jewelry, observe that the color scheme of your Kanchipuram saree will go well. Polki Jewelry: Tarnish with the dazzling beauty of diamonds in raw and rough form embedded in gold. Like polki, a type of jewelry that uses colored stones and glass instead of diamonds is like Kundan jewelry. Kundan Jewelry: To achieve a greater spectrum of hues, you can opt for this material and ensure that your silk saree's colors are rightly in place. Beautify the festive look with ghagras, tikkas, and bangles.   

Footwear for Comfort and Style: The heel of stilettos provokes an image of classic and glamorous style, whereas platforms, to some extent, eliminate minor discomfort while retaining a high level of chic.   

The Ideal Last Touch: A small, elegant clutch is the perfect way to complete your festive ensemble. Potlis, traditional drawstring bags made from rich fabrics like silk or velvet with intricate embroidery, offer a touch of cultural elegance.  


Draping the Saree:   

  • The Pallu: Balance the leftover part of the saree with the endpiece. Wrap the Pallu just above your left shoulder to accentuate the long trail of fabric. The Pallu contains different ways of draping; you could select any of them based on your choice.   
  • Simple Pallu: By following this pleating, center the piece neatly and pin it tightly onto your left shoulder. It provides a designer with a ready-to-use tool to create a sophisticated as well as classic appearance.   
  • Butterfly Pallu: The last trim will be creating smaller pleats at the Pallu and putting them on like a butterfly wing on the shoulder. Pin them securely. This way, it gives the same look as the red bindi and is often used for parties and such.   


Maintaining Style: Taking Care of Your Kanjivaram Silk Sarees   

  • Dry Cleaning recommended: Dry cleaners have the expertise and equipment to handle delicate fabrics without causing harm.   
  • Water Wash: If you do hand-wash, use a mild detergent, cold water, and gentle techniques. Never wring or twist the saree; instead, roll it in a clean towel to remove excess moisture.   
  • Presence of Fragrances: Avoid spraying perfumes or deodorants directly on your silk saree. The chemicals can stain the fabric. If desired, spritz a light fragrance on your blouse.   


Frequently Asked Questions


 What Is Unique About traditional design kanchipuram silk sarees ? 

Heritage: These sarees' weaving technique has a rich and fascinating history that dates back many centuries. All the designs are inspired by mythology and have traditional motifs on the body and border depicting these. 

Craftsmanship: Using age-old methods, talented artisans painstakingly create each saree by hand, creating distinctive and gorgeous designs.  

Fabric: Kanchipuram sarees have a good feel and a lovely drape since they are made of premium mulberry silk. 

 Zari Work: Using zari thread gives an extravagant touch 

When is it suitable for us to dress traditionally? 

  • Festival  
  • Cultural events 
  • Wedding  

Are kanjivaram silk saree available in variety of styles at Panjvarnam website? 

Yes. Panjavarnam provides a variety of kanchipuram silk sarees in a wide price range. The sarees are available online and in store. 

What is unique about Panjavarnam Kanchipuram Silk Sarees?  

Panjavarnam kanchipuram silk sarees are one-of-a-kind, as only one saree is woven in each design and designs are never repeated. You get the most authentic kanchipuram silk sarees in Panjavarnam as each saree is handwoven using 4 ply double twisted pure mulberry silk and embellished with pure zari in the weave. 

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