Collection: Kalamkari Silks

Kalamkari, an ancient art form, is noted for its beautiful handpaintings on fabrics. Kalam means pen and Kari means art, the name Kalamkari has a Persian origin. This art form is being practiced in Srikalahasthi and Masulipattinam in Andhra Pradesh. This art of handpainting uses organic colours and dyes.

 The artisans in Masulipattinam, use the block print form, while the artisans from SriKalahasthi are known for their free hand drawing using the pen and painting pictures inspired from Hindu mythology.

 Panjavarnam Kalamkari Silk Saris follow the SriKalahasthi style of using organic dyes to paint on hand drawn patterns. We work with the best artisans who have inherited this skill from their forefathers. Several of our artists are national award winners. Panjavarnam Kalamkari Silk Sarees are fully hand drawn and hand painted using organic dyes on pure silk media ranging from Chennuri, Chanderi and Tussar Silks.

Saree Care:
  • Dry clean after the first use and subsequently ones too, if possible.
  • Incase of hand wash, use cold water and mild detergent
  • Change the saree fold once a month to avoid permanent creasing.